Company Profile

Shenzhen Perfect Home Products Co., Ltd. is committed to creating high-end customized home products for top fashionistas, responding to the “valuable” demands from top global customers, and continuing to devote “PERFECT HOME” to every product and service, making it the top global family. Share "Zungui" service and achieve "Zungui" life and make unremitting efforts!

PERFECT HOME was founded in 2015 as an international design capital---Shenzhen. It continues to provide high-end villas, hotels, and clubhouses with precise and customized home furnishings. It is based on the concept of combining high professionalism, high service quality and product quality. Provide creative products that exceed expectations, enhance home business and artistic value!

PERFECT HOME not only provides high-end customized furniture such as custom top private wine cellars, thermostatic wine cabinets, and cigar cabinets, but also provides custom bookcases, wardrobes, and other products. Its thermostatic wine cabinets and cellar series products are highly praised by Chinese high-end tasters. PERFECT HOME's products are highly praised and recognized by all walks of life!

working environment

As a company focused on custom home segmentation, We have a group of designers with different professional backgrounds to promote each project, whether it is creative design, the use of new process materials, or the implementation of the project. From project design, production, construction to after-sales, we provide comprehensive services for the entire process.